Why Destination Management Holland ?

  • Save time (and money); we know our suppliers and venues well, and they know us!
  • We know where to go, and where not.
  • One single point of contact for all programme items; from request to execution, 24-hours a day.
  • Any change (program, nr of guests, arrival times) requires just 1 call…. No hassle, no misunderstandings, no follow-up..
  • You (and your client) can fully focus on the purpose of the event and on your guests.
  • We take care of 1 central invoice, 1 central term of payment, 1 deposit invoice….1 process….
  • All “1st time” sites and venues you may select will be thoroughly checked and most likely inspected before we engage in any way.

Our Event- & Tour Managers are professional, experienced, educated, multi-lingual and most of all …. your guarantee for a successful event!